• Focus HD20 Series
    Focus HD20 Series It is designed for Doypack type packaging needs. With Special Additional functions, it has the feature of making packages with zip, hanging hole, spout or special shaped packages. Detail
  • RAPID CL26 Series
    RAPID CL26 Series High Speed, Continuous-motion with Servo-Motion Technology. Detail
  • Optima TSQ18 Series
    Optima TSQ18 Series It produces brick type packages with a special shapes, nice presentation and easy to carry, open/close (labeled) feature. Packet sizes can be stored and recalled in memory with great flexibility. Detail


Regardless of your packaging requirements, take advantage of our consulting service. Our technicians will find the best solution for both limited space and high production speeds...


Each production company has its own needs. For this reason, we adapt our machines and systems to meet the requirements of our customers...

Integrated solutions

Here are some examples of how we can offer complete packaging systems from study of the layout to the final test...

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