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As ATHAPACK, we support the decision to consume recyclable packaging, which is planned to come into effect in 2030 with the decision taken by the European Union Commission, and we continue our technological investments in environmental awareness with our packaging solutions for a sustainable future.
The increase in the world population day by day, the annual amount of waste packaging per capita reaching 180 kg and the increase in the demand for packaged products with the effect of the pandemic have caused the issues of recyclable packaging waste to become important all over the world. All over the world, studies are carried out on 100% recyclable packaging, and production technologies are also being developed on this subject.

ATHAPACK has been giving importance to R&D studies for many years in order to develop sustainable packaging solutions. It makes innovations in machine technology for minimizing packaging waste, minimum waste and maximum OEE.

All of our packaging machines are equipped with an automatic film centering system to minimize packaging consumption. With this technology, errors caused by the operator and the production of the bobbin are prevented, and an increase in productivity is ensured. In addition, product and packaging waste rates are lower than conventional systems thanks to the automatic warning system that the film coil has decreased and/or is over.

Our products and systems become economically sustainable through the use of innovative technologies that enable the processing of renewable packaging materials. This includes reducing energy consumption and optimizing packaging volumes. Including transport, with an optimized design for its packaging, CO2 emissions are reduced on the road.
We continue the Sustainable Packaging Technology under 4 main headings. Each of these forms the cornerstone of the ring.

1. Supply Chain
Thanks to compact and minimized package forms for transportation, packaging optimization is ensured, packaging material savings and low transport volumes

2. Packaging Technology
Packaging material savings with machine technology suitable for the use of recyclable packaging materials and reduction of sealing widths

3. Food Safety
Extending the shelf life of food products with sealing technology and packaging solutions that do not harm the product

4. Energy Saving
Low electricity and compressed air consumption thanks to optimized machines with energy-saving high-efficiency components

Since the day it was founded, ATHAPACK has taken important measures on the ecological footprint. The first of these is to make our wastes controlled. We act in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Control of Packaging Waste, the Ministry of Environment online notification and the Regulation. We sort our wastes and collect them in areas collected for recycling. Our company carries out activities such as sorting, storing and sending our production wastes at source.
ATHAPACK is ready to provide the necessary support to all manufacturers so that you can produce with environmentally friendly packaging that is obtained from renewable and natural resources and/or recyclable instead of petroleum products that are not a renewable resource.