Our Company

ATHAPACK, is a leading Turkish manufacturer of vertical packaging machines, Doypack and horizontal packaging machines, combinational multi-head weighers, linear weighers, auger filling and volumetric dozing units, food processing machines, vertical and Z type bucket elevators, various conveyors and special projects. Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive projects, sales, manufacturing, supply, service, installation and commissioning of technologically advanced and efficient packaging machines and packaging lines. 

Our Vision

Without compromising the ethical principles, our professional staffs, follow the scientific and technological development, focus on customer and employee satisfaction, service with international quality standards in the leading applications of this sector to become a global brand in the market.

Our Mission

To become an excellence focused and reliable partner. We are curious, adaptable and embrace innovation. We see the value of multiple contributions and perspectives. We are inclusive and international.

Our Values

  • Customer and employee satisfaction
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Excellence

Our Technology

ATHAPACK, Packaging Machines; is the first in Turkey in terms of its mechanic, digital electronic and technology have been provided for customer with a great facility:

  • Efficiency is the most important property of our Packing Machines.
  • Could Be designed in every needed size. So, this is accepted as an evidence for sealing quality, efficiency and weight sensitivity.
  • Using the newest digital electronic technologies.
  • Work under a high security precaution, they have been designed to work 24 hours.
  • Suitable for different types of filling system; multi-head weighers, Linear Weighers, volumetric dozing systems, Auger screw filling units… To be able to pack all traditional and fragile products (food and non-food).
  • The best relation of price-performance in market.

Our Service

Integral features of our supply are represented in our Pre Sale and After Sale Services.

Pre-Sale services includes:

  • Advice and Technical engineering service provided until completion of project.
  • The setting and verifying of technical parameters to be completed at the ATHAPACK Test Place
  • Advice and assistance in selecting suitable packaging materials

After-Sale Services includes:

  • Demonstration of packaging machinery prior to shipment
  • Installing the packaging machinery into production line/operation
  • Operator training at Client‘s factory
  • Guarantee and post guarantee servicing
  • Providing Service engineers
  • Preventative checks on packaging machinery
  • Operational delivery of spare parts


 Our Test Area

We provide to our customer a test place to operate his machines with his product and packaging material prior to shipment. This facility allows us to provide the following:

  • Tests can be carried out to demonstrate for the Client how their product is progressing through the packing line and how the packaging material is presented.
  • Advise Clients on other possible applications for ATHAPACK machinery, and provide expert advice and solutions for their projects.
  • Set and verify guaranteed operating parameters.

The Countries we work in